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100 glossy pages! cereal:geek issue 1 deals (albeit quite briefly) with the subject of violence that could often be found in the cartoons of the eighties. How did The Real Ghostbusters deal with physical threats? How did former He-Man and She-Ra storyboard artist and writer Robert Lamb deal with the non-violent guidelines at Filmation? How did She-Ra, a series primarily targeted to females, tackle the subject of war on such a large scale? All these questions are tackled in the first issue of cereal:geek. Not only that, but we also see Magnum, P.I. as an animated series, Toei's original animated promos for The Transformers, an interview with writer Larry DiTillio, and much, much more! Other shows covered include Dungeons & Dragons, Galaxy High School, G.I. Joe, MASK, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and ThunderCats.

cereal:geek #1 (100 pages)

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