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100 glossy pages! cereal:geek issue 4 covers the subject of horror, and how this storytelling theme was used in the animated show of the eighties. Just how did the famous works of H.P. Lovecraft influence The Real Ghostbusters? Although now bored of horror, what is Robert Lamb's fondest horror-related memory? Looking back over twenty years later what does Larry DiTillio have to say about his horror-related He-Man episodes? What was the connection between Destro and Lady Jaye that led to one of the best remembered G.I. Joe episodes? How did the Inhumanoids tackle the subject? How did those sci-fi robots in disguise deal with horror in The Transformers? Those questions are answered inside issue four! Other shows covered include Bionic Six, MASK, She-Ra, ThunderCats and Ulysses 31.

cereal:geek #4 (100 pages)

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