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100 glossy pages! cereal:geek issue 9 tackles the subject of how Japanese animation influenced western animation during the eighties with the East Meets West theme! When American studios outsourced their shows during the eighties the face of animation worldwide changed forever! The first part of a mighty forty-eight page article examines how east and west first began working together, with many visual examples of what constitutes "anime influences". Other articles take an in-depth look at the designs of Studio Ox on The Transformers; how the cast of Battle of the Planets made a unique comeback in the mid-nineties; and an overall look at Mysterious Cities of Gold. Other shows covered include BraveStarr, Captain Future, Dungeons & Dragons, He-Man, MASK, Mighty Mouse, Mighty Orbots, The Real Ghostbusters, and ThunderCats.

cereal:geek #9 (100 pages)

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